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    2021-12-29 13:25:21


    General knowledge of vehicle maintenance is as follows:


    1. Use lubricating oil of appropriate quality grade.


    For gasoline engine, sd-sf gasoline engine oil shall be selected according to the additional devices and service conditions of intake and exhaust system; For diesel engine, cb-cd diesel engine oil shall be selected according to the mechanical load, and the selection standard shall not be lower than the requirements specified by the manufacturer.



    2. Change the engine oil and filter element regularly.


    The oil quality of any quality grade of lubricating oil will change during use. In order to avoid failure, the oil shall be changed regularly in combination with the service conditions, and the oil quantity shall be moderate.


    3. Keep crankcase well ventilated.


    Now most gasoline engines are equipped with PCV valve, but the pollutants in the blowby will deposit around the PCV valve, which may block the valve. Therefore, the contamination around the PCV valve must be cleaned regularly.


    4. Clean crankcase regularly.


    During the operation of the engine, the oxides of high-pressure unburned gas, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen in the combustion chamber enter the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall and mix with the metal powder produced by the wear of parts to form oil sludge. Therefore, the crankcase should be cleaned regularly to keep the inside of the engine clean.


    5. Regularly clean the fuel system and control the generation of carbon deposit, so as to keep the engine in good condition.


    6. Rust and scaling of engine water tank are common problems.


    Basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance:


    1、 General knowledge of oil change


    How often is the oil changed? How much oil do I need to change each time? Everyone pays special attention to the replacement cycle and amount of oil. The direct thing is to check their own on-board maintenance manual, which generally has a very clear introduction. However, many people's maintenance manuals have long disappeared. At this time, you need to know more about them. Generally speaking, the replacement cycle of engine oil is 5000 km. The specific replacement cycle and consumption should be judged according to the relevant information of the vehicle model.


    Not all models are suitable for owners to change the oil themselves, but we can learn to check the oil gauge to judge whether the oil is time to change. Also, the oil filter needs to be changed at the same time as the oil is changed.


    2、 Common sense of antifreeze


    Antifreeze is good for use all year round. In addition to its antifreeze cooling function, antifreeze also has the functions of cleaning, derusting and anti-corrosion, reducing the corrosion of water tank and protecting engine. Note that the color of antifreeze should be selected correctly and should not be mixed.


    3、 General knowledge of brake oil


    The function of the brake system is closely related to the brake oil. When checking and replacing the brake pads, brake discs and other hardware, don't forget to see if the brake oil needs to be added and replaced.


    4、 Transmission oil


    In order to ensure flexible steering of the car, always check the transmission oil, whether it is gear oil or automatic transmission oil, and pay attention to the model of the oil. Generally speaking, it is high.