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    2022-3-29 14:43:28


    The difference between waxing and sealing of cars is raw materials. The main component of waxing is polyethylene emulsion or silicone polymer compounds, which contain oil and grease, and can enhance the brightness of the paint surface. Sealing glaze is equivalent to a way of waxing process, which is insoluble in water, not afraid of fire and acid. Therefore, the body paint after sealing glaze can be resistant to high temperature, water washing, friction, ash and acid rain, and can also protect the paint for a long time.



    The main purpose of waxing and glazing is to show the vehicle brilliantly, and then glazing is actually a process derived from waxing. Because the car wax has short service life, no hardness and no friction resistance, it takes a lot of time to wax every year. But the result of repeated waxing is wear and lack of luster.


    Waxing: the main component of wax is oil, which contains silicon. The maintenance effect is short, generally only one week to half a month. In the long-term ultraviolet radiation, the car paint will rust, which will cause the grinding particles in the car wax and make your car paint appear vortex scratches. If you have just finished waxing, these traces will be covered up. With the passage of time, scratches will appear during driving, and then you have to continue waxing until polishing, circulating the life of waxing. In fact, the wax itself does not play a great role in ultraviolet light, and its strength and hardness will not increase much. On the contrary, it will lose its efficacy due to the high external temperature. So why don't cars experience exposure to the sun and wind and rain! The brightness brought by wax is purely fictional, and the preservation time of luminosity without connotation is also short. Experiencing the "play" of rain will also reveal the true face of Lushan. Another drawback is that the frequent use of these wax products will also lead to accelerated aging of car paint. Many carefully observed motorists know that after a long time of using white wax, strange yellow will slowly emerge, leading you to keep waxing, just like drugs.


    Sealing glaze: just mentioned that sealing glaze is actually a derivative of waxing, a product extracted from oil. However, through the vibration polishing machine, the glaze is pressed into the interior of the car paint to form a solid mesh protective layer. In fact, it is the same as the waxing process, but the sealing glaze will oxidize with external factors


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